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Lip Gloss Holder Keychain & Zipper Clip

Lip Gloss Holder Keychain & Zipper Clip

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Take your favorite gloss along with you wherever you go with this lip gloss holder keychain that can be clipped to your purse zipper. The key chain is attached to a plastic top that fits snug over the cap of the lip gloss. A small lip inside the gloss holder keeps the gloss top from sliding out. The plastic top should fit over most 8ml and 10ml squeeze tube caps. Pressing the lip gloss cap firmly into the holder until it is behind the lip inside holder locks the two pieces together.

*******Lip gloss NOT included*******

Each lip gloss holder is printed on a 3D printer using food safe PLA plastic filament. 3D prints create objects by stacking lines of plastic close together one on top of the other. These line are often visible if you look closely at the object.

The lip gloss holder is made to fit most gloss lids on 8ml and 10ml squeeze tubes. However, different manufactures may use a different style of cap for their lip gloss containers. Please refer to the dimension below before purchasing this product.

-------Fits lip gloss container caps with following dimensions-------
Diameter: ~17mm (0.669 inches)
Height: 20mm (0.79 inches)

-Wholesale Inquiries-
Lately, we have gotten quite a few inquiries regarding wholesale/bulk orders for this product. Currently, we only offer the quantity that is available for this listing. Thanks for your interest in this product.


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